How affiliate works?

Step 1

You should have your existing account on KARTONICS. Create you new KARTONICS account HERE. If you already have your KARTONICS account then sign-up for KARTONICS store affiliate HERE.

Step 2

After creating your new KARTONICS store affiliate account or login into existing one. Copy any product link from browser tab for which you want to make referral link. 

Step 3

Paste that link in your KARTONICS store affiliate dashboard page and generate your referral link. This is your KARTONICS referral link for that product. 

Step 4

Share your referral link among your friends and relatives and ask them to shop using your referral link. After successful delivery of those orders you’ll get 10% of order amount in your my KARTONICS store affiliate dashboard page. 

Step 5

We transfer your referral money twice in a month by direct bank transfer or by PayTM. When the date is due, we will collect your Tax information and bank account details and transfer the money. Your bank may take additional 7 days to show you the money. 

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